Hon. Ben Dawkins MLC

The Hon. Ben Dawkins MLC is a sitting member for the South West Region in the Western Australian Legislative Council.

Ben joined One Nation WA recently, since he agrees with our policies and values, and has made important contributions to issues relating to COVID vaccination mandates, firearm reform, housing, gender ideology and much more. Having Ben represent One Nation means we have a voice in the WA Parliament right now, and are able to raise important points that the other parties refuse to consider.

Ben has already changed the narrative on housing, pointing out the obvious that we can reduce demand by reducing immigration, he has pointed out that biological sex is a fact to highlight the danger of WA Labor's gender ideology madness which has forced the opposition to also take a stand.

Ben has also been asking lots of excellent questions in parliament which have exposed the WA Labor Government as being arrogant and out of touch.

To read what Ben has been saying in the Western Australian Parliament, click here.

You can also follow Ben on X - @benjidawkins or on Facebook