Caterina Johnston




Caterina is a South Australian who knows how to get things moving. 

Caterina has been operating a successful freight business at Kapunda with her husband Jeffrey, serving the Mid North community for almost 20 years. 

Caterina’s countless hours behind the wheel have connected her with communities and businesses across the Frome electorate, and she’s become acutely conscious of the growing disconnect between decision-makers in government and the people who elect them. 

“Driving trucks for a living exposes you to a lot of different ideas and points of view from people from every walk of life. A big concern of mine is that a lot of good ideas from honest hard-working Australians simply aren’t being listened to by governments and the major parties. They’re effectively being silenced, and that’s not healthy in a democracy like Australia. 

“One Nation is the party which has the guts to say what people are thinking. It’s a voice for the disenfranchised, and isn’t beholden to big business or big unions. One Nation is the party of candidates with conviction. 

“As a Christian, I have strong views about the value of family and the freedom of Australians to express their religion. It’s not about telling people what to believe. It’s about peacefully exercising your personal beliefs free from intolerance and discrimination. Despite many promises the major parties have failed to deliver legislation protecting this freedom and in South Australia, progressive abortion and euthanasia laws have been enacted with little or no consideration for alternative views.” 
Caterina has always been interested in politics and for three years been campaigning to give her community a voice. Before she started full time work in the freight business, like many country women Caterina was actively involved in making her community a better place, volunteering with a local school and running her local quilting society. As part of their business, Caterina and Jeffrey sponsor local clubs and provide them complimentary freight services. Caterina loves her arts and crafts, along with target shooting and the occasional family camping trip. 

“In the country too many people are forced to the city to access essential services, especially health – country hospitals have been pretty much turned into nursing homes, and Adelaide hospitals are overwhelmed. One Nation is keen on regional growth and ensuring country people have access to the services and employment opportunities they need. The State’s public service continues to grow while services to the public continue to dwindle. 

“From a growing amount of people, what I’m hearing the most is their need for their views to be stated, amplified and most importantly, heeded. After providing a service to the community driving trucks, I’m ready to get out from behind the wheel and serve my community in a new capacity. That’s why I’ve put my hand up, and why I’ve put my hand up for One Nation. I look forward to working with Pauline Hanson, Jennifer Game and the rest of the One Nation South Australia team to provide a courageous voice to those in power and hold them accountable. We’re aiming for the balance of power to leverage One Nation policies for the benefit of every South Australian.” 

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