Senator Pauline Hanson

For more than 25 years, Pauline Hanson has been one of Australia’s most recognisable political leaders. She exploded upon the national political scene with her landmark maiden speech to Parliament after she was elected to represent the Queensland Federal seat of Oxley, the first ever woman to be elected as an independent to the House of Representatives.

Pauline is a proud Queenslander born in Brisbane, and a proud Australian. She’s a devoted mother with four children and six grandchildren. Before she entered Federal politics, she ran a potato chip processing business, a plumbing business and then a fish-and-chip shop while also being a primary producer with cattle. She first held public office as a councillor on the Ipswich City Council before she stood for election in Oxley.

Pauline is very much like the people she does her best to represent. She’s been a small business owner, a farmer and a single mum. Pauline knows what it means to struggle, and she knows what it takes to make a go of things. Pauline is passionate about all Australians being empowered to rise above adversity and enjoy the many opportunities which come with living, learning and working in this great nation.

Pauline’s entry into Federal politics was a controversial one which saw her and One Nation become targets for Australia’s political establishment, especially after the 1998 elections in Australia and Queensland in which One Nation had a huge impact. It saw Pauline spend a short time in prison before justice was ultimately served and all charges and convictions against her were dropped. She was called Australia’s first political prisoner.

Through all of this, Pauline never lost sight of her goal: to be a strong voice for the Australian people in the halls of power, to stand up for the interests of Australia first and foremost, and to defend the values, rights, freedoms and principles which made Australia a strong, successful democratic country.

Under her leadership, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation returned to the Australian political scene stronger than ever. Pauline was elected as a Senator for Queensland in 2016, and with fellow One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts shares the balance of power in the Senate with other members of the crossbench.

Pauline has carefully leveraged this position to gain important outcomes which have made a difference, such as hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for important community projects and road infrastructure in regional Queensland, reform in Australia’s family law system, life-saving treatments for children with spinal muscular atrophy and thousands of new apprenticeships for young Australians entering the workforce.

In 2022, Pauline is standing again as a Senator for Queensland and the leader of a strong team contesting lower and upper house seats across Australia. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has a lot of work to do in Canberra on behalf of the Australian people and Pauline needs your support at the Federal election to help get the job done.