About One Nation

Pauline Hanson's One Nation has been active in Western Australia since 1997, and has evolved to become a professional organisation that is committed to providing Western Australians with a credible alternative to the major parties. Having won the respect of the 2017-2021 Parliament through the party's responsible and constructive use of its share of the balance of power.

COVID sadly turned Western Australia into a one-party state that has aggressively pushed a progressive ideology that has caused significant damage to our society.

At One Nation WA, we understand the importance of preserving and protecting the traditional values that have shaped our communities and society. We believe in upholding the values of hard work, integrity, and respect for one another. Our party is dedicated to safeguarding our shared cultural heritage, promoting family values, and ensuring that the traditions that are dear to Western Australians are respected and preserved. By supporting One Nation, you are standing up for the values that have made our state strong and united, regardless of what your background is.

If you agree with our policy positions, and think that progressive politics has gone too far, please consider supporting us in any way you can, or even better, join our team and get involved.