Albo Not Woke? What a Joke!

So Albo says he's not "woke," what a joke!

Anthony Albanese is as far left as it gets and you don't have to take my word for it.

There is a former leader of the Labor party who knows Anthony Albanese personally and can give you the truth.

As Mark Latham said, Albo is "as woke as it comes," and has "a sneering, inner-city, leftist view of working people," and has held his inner-city Sydney seat by running "as the real greenie."

He has called Australians who wanted the government to be strong on borders and stop the boats "racists" and has a plan to wipe out mining jobs in regions like the Hunter Valley.

Do your research, look at Albanese's record and you will see, everything Mark says about him is true.

Albo's as woke as they come.

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