End the Mandates and Give People Back their Jobs

Travelling across Australia, everywhere I go I hear the same infuriating story.

Decent, hard-working Aussies have had their jobs and livelihoods ripped away because of unscientific, heartless jab mandates.

I met with workers from the Yallourn Power Station in Victoria and wanted to give them the opportunity to share their experiences and send a message to the ones in charge when their jobs were stolen away, the Prime Minister and Dictator Dan.

Do you hear that Mr Morrison and Mr Andrews? Are you listening yet?

Their story is just like the story of tens of thousands of other Australians and it is not good enough.

Our message to the PM and Premiers across Australia is simple. Give these people back their jobs. Let them have their lives back.

And once these mandates have been overturned, hold a Royal Commission into the pandemic and how it was managed so we never see these mistakes repeated and those responsible are held to account.

One Nation will be doing everything we can to make sure this happens.

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