Fake Postal Vote Applications

Fake Postal Vote Applications On Their Way!

The Labor and Liberal parties are collecting your data with these fake 'Important Federal Election Postal Vote Information' mail-outs.

Inside is a letter from the major parties asking for you to fill out your private information on a Postal Vote Application Form.

Here's where they trick you!

The letter also contains a 'Reply Paid' envelope addressed to the Labor or Liberal party as shown in the image.

Don't fall for this scam!

They will harvest your private information and bombard you with electioneering rubbish in this and future elections.

SOLUTION — Grab some discarded rubbish or paper and send it back in the replied paid envelope.

Not only will it send a clear message that you don't want their rubbish but it will cost them to collect your garbage through their Reply Paid account.

If you have a genuine need to vote via the post, use the Australian Electoral Commissions website to apply.


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