Fully vaxxed? Think again

Millions of Australians currently considered "fully vaccinated" might soon have their vaxxed status revoked if an emergency National Cabinet meeting between the PM and state premiers results in a decision to enforce a three jab rule.


7 News is reporting that "The definition of being fully vaccinated against coronavirus may soon change for millions of Australians," because "Scott Morrison has revealed he is taking advice about whether to reclassify what it means to be fully vaccinated and whether that should include booster doses."

"The prime minister has called a snap National Cabinet meeting for Wednesday to discuss potential changes to the country’s current COVID response."

"It’s understood the focal point of the meeting will be the booster program and responding to state and territory’s chief health officials’ calls for tighter restrictions."

Remember when you were promised it was just two weeks to flatten the curve?

Remember when you were told two jabs were your ticket to freedom?

Sadly, any promises made by the PM or Premiers won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

Until we end these vaccine mandates and rein in these power-mad premiers the goalposts will keep shifting, the rules will keep changing and more of your freedoms will be stripped away.

Of that, you can be certain.


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