Gender Change Laws - Standing up for Biological Women

The WA Labor Government is ramming through new laws that will allow biological men to enter women's and girls toilets and changerooms, without going through any procedure, all they need is a doctors note.

One Nation WA has been at the forefront of opposing gender ideology nonsense in the WA Parliament, exposing just how far this nonsense has spread.

A simple motion was put to the Legislative Council, and that was:

That the Legislative Council agrees —
(a) that a person’s biological sex is a fact;
(b) that it is not scientifically possible to change a person’s biological sex from one sex to the other
sex at a cellular level; and
(c) that in some settings, biological sex is more important than gender identity

Amazingly, the WA Labor Party, the WA Liberals and the WA Nationals could not agree with this and did not vote in favour of it!

We think that the Gender nonsense is not only silly, it is also dangerous, and the fact the major parties could not agree with such a simple proposition shows just how far it has gone. 

Biological sex is real, men and women are very different, we have different strengths and weaknesses, and there is nothing wrong with that. One Nation WA are the only party that is not afraid to speak out against this nonsense, which is putting women, girls and children in actual danger. 

If we allow biological men to compete against biological females there will be injuries. If we allow biological men to display their genitals in female changerooms there will be some women who will be traumatised by this. It is not reasonable or fair to ask all of society to adjust to the demands and emotional blackmail from a very small group.

It is worth noting that gender ideology is rejected by large segments of the LGB community, and many trans adults are also completely opposed to exposing children to the idea that they can actually change their biological sex.

If you agree that the gender nonsense has gone too far, and that we should push back as a society, One Nation WA are on your side.

One Nation WA MLC Ben Dawkins has been very active in the WA Parliament on this issue. Watch his excellent contribution in the WA Parliament here: