Hands Off Our Kids

Now that the Government wants to line up 5-11 year olds for the jab, many parents are left wondering will they have the option to say no?

There are good reasons why parents should be allowed to say no when it comes to vaccinating kids. COVID is simply not very dangerous for children.

Official government data shows that COVID-19 is not a severe illness for our children. As at 9th January, over 148,000 COVID cases have been reported in kids and teenagers. Out of all these cases, there have only been three deaths.

99.998% of children do not die from COVID, a much higher percentage than the vaccine’s claimed effectiveness.

Of those three deaths recorded, one was a child under 10 who had ‘other serious comorbidities' (other serious conditions). Another was a 15-year-old who died from pneumococcal meningitis. Even though he was positive for COVID at the time, health authorities stated it was not the reason for his hospitalisation or death.

Despite these facts, these three deaths still remain in government data as deaths in children from COVID, not simply with COVID from nearly 150,000 cases.

If COVID isn’t dangerous to kids and vaccines do not stop transmission, what is the point of children getting vaccinated?

We must reject any idea that we should unnecessarily vaccinate children just to protect adults. We cannot sacrifice the potential health of our young to protect the elderly.

As adults we are meant to lead by example. What example are we showing to our kids if we discriminate based on vaccination status? How will this play out for conversations between 6-year-olds on the playground?

The ultimate decision for whether a child is vaccinated should and must remain with the parent of that child. Government interference in that relationship is completely immoral.

It is sad that a government could even contemplate putting our future at risk to cover up their mistakes in the pandemic and continue to facilitate corrupt profit-making by pharmaceutical companies.

I support every parent’s right to say no to any vaccination or medical procedure that government is attempting to force on their child.

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