Integrity Scandal Bombshell Rocks Queensland's Labor

It seems not even wall-to-wall COVID coverage can continue to provide cover for the ever-growing Crime and Corruption Commission scandal engulfing Palascacuk's Queensland Labor Government!

From the Courier-Mail:
Ousted state archivist, Mike Summerell, has accused the Palaszczuk government of misleading Parliament by falsifying his annual reports to hide “bad news”.
In a dramatic new twist in the integrity scandal, Summerell said he was summoned to the Tower of Power in William Street and “explicitly” ordered to remove any mention of Transport Minister Mark Bailey and the Mangocube scandal.
He said the orders came from the office of Works Minister, Mick de Brenni.
“I was summoned to 1 William St to a meeting with the Director-General of Department of Housing and Public Works where I was informed that the previous perceived independence of the State Archivist which had been in place since the passing of the public records in 2002 was no longer valid,” he said.
“I responded to that with a lengthy paper outlining how this was completely inconsistent with previous legal advice, the purpose of the act, the intent of the act and practices across Australia and New Zealand. My response was ignored.”
Summerell claimed Mr De Brenni ignored advice from the little-known Public Records Review Committee to reinstate the independence of the state archivist.
“The Minister ignored this request,’’ he said.
Next he went to the Crown law Office seeking advice on whether any laws had been broken.
“I as State archivist requested Crown law legal advice on two key aspects of this as I felt the position was fundamentally incorrect.
“I asked for clarification that I could be directed on the content of my annual report and in investigations I undertook in regard to potential breaches of the Act. My view was that the Act gave me independence in investigations – indeed any interference in my investigations was in fact a breach of the Act.
“In addition the intent of the Act was clearly that the annual report was intended to be an independent report to Parliament. “My requests for legal advice on these matters were never progressed.”
He added: “It became a feature of the next three years, in that in the vast majority of cases any request for Crown law legal advice that was made by me was never progressed – in particular requests that related to my independence, interpretation of the act, investigations or potential prosecutions.”
This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to read more about this unfolding scandal you can find a link to the full story below:

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