Keep Politics out of Sport

Australians watch sport to get away from politics, not to have it shoved in their faces.

Cricketers kneeling to the neo-Marxist BLM does nothing to reduce racism. It just makes them look silly. Now South Africa has kicked its best player, Quinton de Kock, out of the team because he doesn't kneel.

Virtue signaling has become compulsory. It's chilling to think that in the world of sport, Left-wing political statements are becoming compulsory.

Have no doubt, Australia is not far behind. Remember when the Big Bash League decided to pretend Australia Day didn't exist for games played on 26 January?

So, de Kock is out for not wanting to virtue signal while the Taliban's team plays on, seemingly with no objection from the cricket authorities, media, or kneeling players.

You can't make this stuff up.

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