New Global Radio Station Launches

New global radio channel starts broadcasting at 2:00pm Queensland time tomorrow, headquartered on the Gold Coast.

TNT has hosts in North America, London, Belfast, Tel Aviv and Australia. The station will provide a truly global Talk-back channel with guests world-wide and callers internationally.

The station is soundly backed with significant financing. It's the concept of a man with three decades of American radio and TV broadcasting experience before his return to Australia in recent years.

His aims and those of his backers are to hold the political establishment and legacy media accountable and to call them out bluntly and factually on the issues affecting people’s lives and livelihoods.

The station wants a return to political systems and governments serving the people honestly and in accord with the values that made western civilisation and that enabled startling human progress and advancements over the last 250 years.

And that produced our Australian lifestyle.

State & federal governments are now destroying that lifestyle and destroying basic human rights and freedom that enabled enormous human progress over the last 250 years.

The radio station and I have a natural thrust to expose issues bluntly and to constructively, respectfully and positively provide solutions.
Graham Hood (Hoodie) kicks it off at 2:00pm Qld time Monday 10th January. He's the Qantas pilot who told Qantas to stick their job when it tried to force him to be injected. A real character and solid. Lovely bloke.

Mike Ryan follows Hoodie at 3:300pm. At 4:00pm I'll be his guest.

On 22nd January I start my regular voluntary (unpaid) hosting on TNT Radio broadcasting globally, having guests and taking callers.

Talk-back numbers will be available after any expected initial technical issues are bedded down.

Now that 2GB has gone woke and become paid propagandists for the government and is now dependent on government advertising spending, TNT is a welcome return to a voice for all Aussies.

Real, honest news and views.

Come and have a chat with Mike and his presenters as hosts.

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