No Jabs for Mates

Labor grants union officials hospital vax pass...

Much of the anger and disgust at the Liberal and Labor parties over their vaccination mandates is driven by the clear double standards they continue to display.

Despite what is being forced on everyday Aussies, the Liberal party won't be mandating the jab for its politicians or candidates and now the Labor party has been caught out granting special exemptions to unvaccinated union officials so they can skirt around strict jab mandates in Queensland hospitals.

This is despite many other unvaccinated frontline hospital workers facing the sack!

From the Courier-Mail, "Unvaccinated union officials have been left to move freely through Queensland hospitals despite the government introducing tough new restrictions limiting the visiting rights of patients."

"All visitors to Queensland hospital facilities since December 17 must be fully vaccinated, and those who are not have been warned they must apply for prior approval or they may not be allowed to enter."

"The Courier-Mail can reveal, however, unions have been given permission to bypass the process and send unvaccinated delegates into Queensland hospitals."

"The government has also mandated that all frontline Queensland Health staff receive two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine or risk dismissal."

Once it was jobs for mates, now it's no jabs for mates!

What a disgrace.

Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL

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