One Nation to Contest Every Seat in House of Reps

Australians everywhere will have the opportunity to support Pauline Hanson’s One Nation at the 2022 Federal election, with the party fielding candidates in all 151 electorates.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said it was the first Federal election in which her party would contest every seat in the House of Representatives.

“We just marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of One Nation,” Senator Hanson said. “We’ve been part of Australia’s political landscape for a whole generation now and we’re ready to offer every Australian voter the chance to elect a One Nation candidate.

“It’s taken almost 12 months to bed down the team we’re taking to voters at this election. It’s a significant step up from the 2019 election when we fielded candidates in about a third of Australian electorates.

“It’s been made possible only with enormous support from One Nation’s membership, which has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns forced onto Australian communities the past two years.”

Senator Hanson, who will later this morning announce One Nation’s senate ticket for Queensland, said Australian voters had a clear choice in the Senate between the tested and proven performance of One Nation holding the balance of power or risk handing it to the Greens.

“One Nation has leveraged its share of the balance of power to make things better in Australia,” she said. “We’ve created Australian jobs, secured funding for critical infrastructure and regional projects, and provided life-saving medical treatments for Australians with rare conditions. We’ve initiated inquiries into rural lending, family law and banking. We’ve stood against bad legislation, and we’ve made other legislation better.

“The alternative – letting the Greens hold the balance of power in the Senate with the strong possibility of Labor winning a majority in the House – doesn’t bear thinking about. What an unmitigated disaster that would be for our country.

“One Nation is Australians’ best bet, because only One Nation puts Australia and Australians first.”

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