The "Big Australia" Myth

"Big Australia"

It's a big mistake and voters agree.

One Nation has repeatedly been blocked by the Liberals, Nationals, Labor and Green parties each time we have tried to pass legislation that would give everyday Aussies a direct vote on Australia's immigration future.

That's because they know the majority of Australians oppose their mass migration policies that have seen hundreds and hundreds of thousands of migrants flood into Australia each year.

Even last year, when Australians were barred from travelling interstate, the Morrison Government allowed 160,052 new migrants into the country. Of which, 72,000 were not even part of the so-called "skilled visa" program.

We know the people agree with One Nation and reject Liberal/Labor's overcrowded vision of Australia because it's been repeatedly proven by research.

From the Herald Sun (13/10/21), Voters oppose 'Big Australia' push according to Australian Population Research Institute Survey:

"A huge majority of voters oppose a return to “Big Australia” migrant intakes due to concerns about congestion, jobs, house prices and the environment, a key poll has found.

"And most Aussies reject 'woke' positions on issues like transwomen playing in women’s sports, much higher refugee numbers, and a special Indigenous 'voice to parliament'.

"About 70 per cent of respondents said Australia didn’t need more people, including 28 per cent who favoured zero net migration."

"Report authors Dr Bob Birrell and Dr Katharine Betts said the results showed that 18 months of advocacy by business and government “elites” for the nation to again be wide open to the movement of people and goods and services had fallen on deaf ears."

Clearly, on the issue of immigration, as with many other important issues, One Nation stands on the side of the Australian people.

We reject the mass migration policies of the major parties that have overwhelmed our cities and critical infrastructure.

We will continue to push for legislation that puts an end to the immigration Ponzi scheme pushed by the major parties and we will continue to push for legislation that will give Australians a say on the immigration future of Australia.

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