Why Mass Migration is a Big Mistake

Excellent article in today's Australian by Judith Sloan exposing the many negatives of large scale migration.

As she correctly points put, "There was barely a week last year when some lobby group or other wasn’t out there spruiking the case for an immediate and substantial increase in the migrant intake."

"If it wasn’t about meeting skill shortages, it was about supporting the higher education sector by allowing in international students. If it wasn’t about boosting the economy, it was about migrants paying off the enormous government debt that has been accumulated."

"The fact that repeated surveys have pointed to a lack of support among ordinary Australians for a return to high rates of immigration is quickly overlooked. That the decade ending in 2019 was associated with substantial migrant intakes, particularly of temporary migrants and essentially stagnant per capita (and household) incomes, is similarly ignored."

Despite a lack of support from everyday Aussies, both the Liberal/National and Labor parties continue to push for large scale immigration programs despite the downsides.
If the major parties have their way, overcrowding in our capital cities will continue to get worse, wages will continue to stagnate, infrastructure will continue to be overstretched, housing will continue to be unaffordable and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Going forward, One Nation proposes a responsible net-zero immigration policy.

This way we can focus on caring for those we already have in Australia while restoring our standard of living to the levels we used to enjoy.

Don't be fooled by those who seek to downplay the negatives, mass migration is a massive mistake.

Link here: https://www.facebook.com/PaulineHansonAu/posts/474958370664357

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