Against the Grain Media Interview

I had a chance to sit down with Damien from Against the Grain Media to have a long chat about a lot of important things.

The old mainstream media never gives people this kind of opportunity to fully spell out their ideas which is one of the reasons independent media is growing so quickly.

Video and Transcript available on my website here


Excerpt from transcript:

Malcolm Roberts: It didn’t matter whether he was fighting Whitlam in the labor Party in federal parliament, or Fraser who replaced him in the Liberal Party as the prime minister. Bjelke-Petersen put Queensland first and he was wonderful for Queensland. Pauline Hanson puts Australia first and she’s wonderful for Australia.

Damien: He’s another Queensland maverick though, isn’t he? There’s quite a few Queensland mavericks.

Malcolm Roberts: Yeah, he is. Yeah, he is.

Damien: We talk about Bob Katter up in Kennedy, and Paul Lane, of course. But Joh ran for PM, too, in 1987. He was going to have a tilt at the top job. Can you remember that?

Malcolm Roberts: I can, but I didn’t know a lot about it. Coming back to Pauline, I didn’t know a lot about her in 1998. I knew it was a media beat up, so I didn’t pay much attention. But having worked with her, she’s wonderful. She’s absolutely wonderful. A lot of labor and Liberal people love her. And in parliament, they know because both sides will deal with her, will work with her. Because they know that if she says something, that’s it. She’s going to do it. And if they come back with more information and they can convince her, then she’ll take it on board. And she’s very good at listening and she’s got a very good heart. Very warm and generous.

Damien: In 1998, she tapped into something in the Australian psyche because she won 11% of votes.

Malcolm Roberts: No, she got 11 MPS in Queensland, she won 23% of the votes.

Damien: 23% of the votes.

Malcolm Roberts: That terrified Howard.

Damien: That would terrify anybody. Yeah. What did she tap into? What was it? Is it just the honesty you’re talking about, or were there things that were being left unsaid in Australian politics and she was happy to say them? She had an unassuming style?

Malcolm Roberts: We’ve got to understand, Damien. I’m not trying to give you a lesson here, but the MPS in Canberra in particular, and to a lesser extent in Brisbane, are slaves to foreign interests. You can look at our tax system, our industrial relations system, the regulations we have in this country. Foreign multinationals are favoured. Japan has 2.5% or had 2.5% of its major corporations are foreign owned. America and Britain around 12.5%. Australia, 90%. They’re not my figures, they’re from the deputy commissioner of taxation, who retired some time ago. And so we’re destroying our country and giving a free ride to these foreign own multinationals. And what happens is the prime ministers, whether they’re labor or Liberal, will appease them. They get donations from them. Big pharma donated last federal election, $400,000 to the labor Party, $500,000 to the Liberal Party. And now, we’re seeing the biggest transfer of wealth ever in our country’s history, from your pocket and my pocket and everyone’s pocket, into big pharma for nothing.

Damien: Can you believe what you’ve seen over the last two years in Australia? What’s happened as a result of the coronavirus.

Malcolm Roberts: It’s difficult for anyone to believe. It’s incredible. But the thing is, having had the background researching where the climate scam came from, it’s not surprising at all.


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