Albanese Declares He'll be a Palaszczuk PM

It takes a fair bit to shock me when it comes to Labor announcements but let me tell you when Anthony Albanese declared he would be a "Palaszczuk Prime Minster" I was shocked.

Honestly, Anthony Albanese is an idiot and a fool if he thinks we need someone like Anastacia Palaszczuk running Australia!

So far Anthony Albanese has said he will copy Hawke, Howard, and now Palaszczuk. So I have to ask, why is he so scared of just being himself?

The answer? I believe Anthony Albanese is worried that voters won't like the real Albanese.

This is because I've worked with Anthony, I've travelled on international delegations with him, I've seen him in action and while he might be a nice man, he isn't a true leader.

This lack of confidence probably explains why Albo is so desperate to copy other leaders, riding on their coattails and image.

It is almost as if this is his way of saying that not even he wants Anthony Albanese as Prime Minister of Australia.


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