Australian Mining Industry at Risk

Mining jobs are in the firing line from all sides of politics, as the major political parties, (Labor and its sub-branch the Liberals) clamber to outdo each other in the battle of climate madness.

It’s no wonder that the Mineral Council leaked polling this week showing the collapse of Liberal-cum-Labor MP Matt Kean’s vote in the New South Wales election. Most of Kean’s votes have moved to Mark Latham’s One Nation team’s column (see The Guardian March 2023).

In Queensland, the socialist Labor party have implemented a regressive coal tax scheme that is seeing international investment in our mining sector collapse.

In New South Wales, the Mineral Council’s chief executive Stephen Galilee said, “The NSW Energy Minister’s (then Matt Kean) coal price cap is a clumsy, politically-motivated market intervention designed in haste, with little or no consultation.”  

He also said, “The policy will have no meaningful impact on electricity prices but will come at a significant economic cost.”

The market intervention in the electricity industry, which takes aim at cheap and reliable coal, has only seen electricity prices climb, in some states by 30%.

The NSW Labor party, not to be outdone in anti-mining rhetoric, recently hired an electric-powered bus to get them around for the state election campaign. However Chris Minns’ bus broke down and it was acknowledged it can’t go the distance.

Pauline Hanson made a speech referencing this issue in the Senate recently.

The onslaught against mining and its associated jobs is sickening. Every Australian who sends their child to school, drives on a road, or uses a health service that is paid for by mining royalties, should shudder in fear from the Green/Labor/Liberal attack on this most important sector. Let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of Aussies that rely on the jobs that industry pays for. These people are decent Australians, who pay significant taxes, and deserve to be able to feed their families.


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