Bipartisan NO campaign tour launched with Tamworth event

PRESS RELEASE: One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson will join former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce, former Labor minister Gary Johns and veteran broadcaster Alan Jones in Tamworth this month to launch a bipartisan campaign for the NO vote in the coming referendum on the voice to Parliament.


Senator Hanson said opposition to the proposed voice was increasing as concerns grew over revelations it would have much more power than the Albanese government has let on, and was only the first step towards permanently dividing and separating Australia on race and the creation of an Aboriginal state.

“Labor has repeatedly downplayed the powers and scope of the voice despite increasing evidence it has the potential to hold Parliamentary supremacy hostage in the High Court,” she said.

“More recently however, advocates for the voice have revealed just how powerful they want it to be. In fact they anticipate the High Court will play a prominent role in deciding – and expanding – its powers.

“Make no mistake, black nationalism activists will not stop with the voice. They will continue until they have their own nation within Australia, one which the rest of us pay for and one which has sovereignty over the rest of us.

“Advocates have also come clean that this is precisely why they want to enshrine this race-based voice in the Constitution.

“They do not believe all Australians should have an equal say in how their country is governed. They believe that Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders should have more power than the vast majority of the Australian people, based solely on race. They saw how the corrupt Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission was abolished in 2004 and they don’t want that to happen to their voice.

“Anthony Albanese refuses to reveal planned details like this because he knows the Australian people won’t like them. Fortunately, sensible opposition to the voice has been raising these and many other problems for months now. We could easily be heading into a series of constitutional crises which could effectively make Australia ungovernable until they’re sorted out.

“Tamworth will host the first of many speaking events bringing these hard facts to people all over Australia. I have always fought for equality among all Australians, which is why I oppose the voice in all forms and why I’m pleased to play a role in this vital campaign for the NO vote.”





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