Cash Means Freedom

Apple and Google gave an awesome demonstration of their enormous power and reach recently, when they cut off the Russian people’s access to all their online payment platforms and apps.

Irish journalist, Jason Corcoran tweeted an image of commuters at Moscow’s Metro at the very moment they realised they could not get on to the train station because all the payment apps had been deactivated.

“Apple Pay and Google Pay no longer work on Moscow’s metro system, leading to long queues as people FUMBLED ABOUT FOR CASH,” Corcoran tweeted.

The move caused pandemonium as people realised their bank cards, including Samsung Pay, also no longer worked.

The blow coincided with a joint move by Mastercard & Visa over the weekend, cancelling all financial transactions using their Russian bank-issued credit cards.

There are now massive runs on Russian banks as citizens scramble to withdraw as much cash as they can.

“Giving the keys of our lives to companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other giants of the digital world has been the biggest mistake mankind ever made” someone tweeted yesterday.

Before you jump in and say ‘well it serves the ‘Ruskies’ right’ – STOP AND THINK A MINUTE.

If Big Tech/Big Finance are prepared to cut off a WHOLE country like that, do you think for a second, they would hesitate to cut you or I off, if the Government asked them to?

Don’t forget - Big Tech and the Morrison Government signed a TOP SECRET agreement last year, the full details of which are UNKNOWN.

They said it was about intellectual copyright, but at the end of the day, not a single one of us has any idea EXACTLY WHAT was in that agreement.

If you think I am exaggerating, just ask those brave Canadian Truckers who lost millions in donations recently, when GoFundMe STOLE the lot at the Canadian PM’s request.

Even Canada’s banks sold out the people, when asked to do so by Trudeau.

They obediently froze the accounts of anyone who had made a donation to the Truckers’ cause, no matter how small. Those accounts remain frozen to this day.
The bankers’ act of bastardry sparked an immediate ‘panic’ and ‘run’ on the banks, as hundreds of Canadians rushed to get their money out in cash.

All this should send chills down the spine of anyone fighting the forces of global tyranny in Australia.

Let it be a lesson to every single one of us, that we must NEVER, EVER, allow any Australian government to ever take CASH away from us!

WE NEED TO USE IT OR LOSE IT, and defend it to our last breath.


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