Cat is out of the bag!

This week in the Senate Pauline Hanson exposed a controversial document regarding a secret 'agenda for the Voice' left behind by an Indigenous group in a Canberra Cafe.  

The 11-point agenda, found and handed to Senator Pauline Hanson, has raised concerns about the potential impact on Australia's way of life if the referendum for the Voice to Parliament is passed. 

The agenda includes several recommendations, such as Indigenous job quotas and a takeover of Australian beaches and national parks, which have sparked intense debate. Senator Hanson has called for an investigation into the National Indigenous Australians Agency, which she believes employs the group behind the agenda. 

The authenticity of the document is being checked and has highlighted the need for open and honest dialogue about the potential consequences of the Voice to Parliament.  


Watch Pauline Hanson Deliver here landmark speech here 


See the letter here 


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