Championing the People: One Nation's Commitment to Action in NSW Parliament

Article written by our newest MP for NSW: Tania Mihailuk MP

Since being sworn in as a member of the NSW Upper House on 23 May, representing One Nation in Parliament has been an immense honor. In the first speech, the focus was on highlighting the issues currently impacting real people. These include a dire workforce shortage, the education system's failure to adequately prepare young individuals for employment, and the escalating energy and building costs resulting from constant attempts by the radical Left to ban coal and forestry.

The parliamentary journey began with a proactive approach, raising a question to the government regarding their plans to address the skills shortage crisis. It was important to explore alternative solutions beyond relying solely on an influx of immigration when certain floodgates open. Additionally, a motion was successfully passed, urging the government to reevaluate the education system to combat ongoing workforce challenges.

Accountability remained a top priority during Question Time, pressing the government to deliver its promise of establishing the Faith Affairs Council. This council, comprising religious leaders with direct access to the government, was intended to provide solutions for religious communities. However, the failure to fulfil this promise was disheartening.

Over 50 written questions were submitted to the government to ensure transparency and seek answers. These covered many topics, including transportation, skills development, healthcare, timber shortages, and child protection.

Recently, opposition was voiced against a hastily introduced bill by the Labor Government proposing a new housing charge. This regressive tax threatens to divert funds from communities potentially needing to be allocated elsewhere. Efforts were made to introduce amendments to minimize the unfairness of this tax. However, the Labor-Greens coalition proceeded with the implementation, disregarding warnings of its negative impact on parents and young families trying to enter the housing market amidst economic uncertainty. This tax will affect new housing developments across Sydney, Illawarra, Central Coast, and the Hunter regions.

There is anticipation for the winter break, which will allow for valuable connections with One Nation members across NSW in the coming months. This period presents an opportunity for open dialogue and engagement to address the pressing concerns of communities, fostering a stronger and more prosperous future for all.

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