The Labor-Green climate change bill is a legislated disaster that will reduce Australian living standards to those of third-world countries.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson today slammed the legislation in the Senate, warning it would impose tremendous pain on Australians for no gain.

“A more accurate name for this legislation would be Australia’s note of surrender to international climate change zealotry,” Senator Hanson said.

“This Labor government is not acting in Australia’s best interests. It is legislating drastic emissions reductions with virtually no indication of how this will be achieved, or how much it will cost Australian taxpayers.

“In selling this stupidity Labor, the Greens, the teals and left-wing Liberals promise a jobs bonanza in industries that do not exist and emission reductions from technologies which do not exist.

“The only guarantees from this folly will be the death of Australian manufacturing and innovation, chronic high unemployment and reduced lving standards. It will make our current cost-of-living crisis seem like a walk in the park. If you don’t believe this, just ask the Europeans.

“And it will make absolutely no meaningful difference to global emissions considering China’s emissions are approaching 12 billion tonnes per year – about 25 times Australia’s total – and is projected to add another two billion tonnes in the next decade.

“Billions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies for wind farms and solar panels over the past two decades have only resulted in massive increases in the cost of energy, in many cases over 300%. How has this been in Australia’s best interests especially given that global emissions continue to rise, not fall?

“In the end, all of the additional costs must be borne by taxpayers and consumers already struggling with cost-of-living increases and rising interest rates. It’s based on the ridiculous idea that unless Australia does this, the world is doomed. It’s completely untrue.”



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