Concerns Raised Over Victorian Government's Gas Ban Plan - A Threat to Freedom of Choice and Self-Sufficiency

Mrs Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell MLC, One Nation’s newly minted Member for Northern Victoria, has expressed deep concern over the Victorian Government's proposed ban on gas in newly built homes by 2024. This decision, if implemented, will leave new home builders with no alternative but to rely solely on expensive electricity as their energy source, placing a heavy burden on Victorians who are already grappling with a 25% surge in electricity bills.

The ban on gas has far-reaching consequences, impacting how we cook and heat our homes and jeopardizing the cherished Aussie BBQ tradition. Using gas stoves during blackouts and gas heaters for heating will no longer be an option, potentially leaving many families in the dark and cold during power outages.

Public BBQ areas, a beloved feature for gatherings on occasions like Australia Day, also face the risk of extinction. These spaces hold sentimental value for families and communities, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie unique to Australian culture.

Mrs Tyrrell has emphasised that the government's energy policies disregard Victoria's freedom of choice and self-sufficiency. There's a looming risk of increasing reliance on foreign-owned companies and centralised energy systems by sidelining local Australian energy sources. This could have broader implications for the state's energy security and sovereignty.

"We must prioritise our energy independence and preserve our freedom of choice," Mrs Tyrrell urged the government to reconsider its approach. She emphasised the importance of embracing a balanced and sustainable energy strategy that considers the needs and preferences of the people.

As Mrs Tyrrell brings attention to the potential risks of increased reliance on foreign-owned companies and centralised energy sources, it is pertinent to mention that Victoria continues to export its natural resources, including gas, to China. This situation seems paradoxical, considering China's significant contribution to global emissions.

Despite being one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, China remains a beneficiary of Victoria's natural resources for its heating and energy needs. This raises questions about the prioritisation of interests, as it’s clear that the government is content to fulfil China's requirements while disregarding the concerns of the people who elected them to safeguard their interests.

As discussions on the gas ban continue, all stakeholders need to come together and engage in constructive dialogue to ensure a comprehensive energy plan that doesn't compromise the rights and well-being of Victorians. Balancing the need for environmental sustainability with preserving personal choices and energy security remains a challenging task but vital for a prosperous and self-sufficient future for the people of Victoria.

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