COVID Questioned

One Nation arranged a big day of presentations through my forum COVID Questioned, sending out invitations to all the minor parties with sitting MPs interested in the COVID response.

This was a non political forum and inquiry which included international medical experts who are well known in relation to the COVID conversation. There were also two 'in-camera' presentations from individuals who are to remain anonymous, and those transcripts will be made available at a later date. 

The forum, COVID Questioned, was created to listen to the science and go over the available data. Participants shared information with the forum, and without a single exception their stories captivated and moved everyone present. This is well worth taking the time to watch and listen to.

With only two exceptions (LDP and Katter who had previous engagements) all those invited were able to attend either in person or by video link, including Craig Kelly, George Christensen, Senator Gerard Rennick, Stephen Andrew MP for Mirani, and Senator Alex Antic.

Included in the forum were representatives from small business, the vaccine-injured, mandate-affected, and of course medical professionals such as Dr Peter McCullough MD, Clinical Cardiologist, Preventive Cardiology Advanced Lipidology from Texas, USA. 

Recordings to be released Friday on my Telegram account:

A big thank you to my staff for doing such a great job of organising this event with very little notice.




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