Cut-Through Senate Estimates Questioning

The country is going troppo over the fact the Reserve Bank Governor presented himself to Senate Estimates this week and offered solutions to the rental crisis, including suggesting kids keep living with their parents to avoid exorbitant rent.


We bet everyone is thrilled that a line from the country’s top economic manager to solve the rental crisis is, in effect, moving back home to mooch off Mum and Dad. Just thrilled. 

What mainstream media won’t ever report on, let alone the radical left concede, is that the RBA Governor wouldn’t even present himself to estimates were it not for the work of Senator Malcolm Roberts.

In those early days after One Nation burst back onto the national scene, it was the unrelenting work of Malcolm Roberts in Senate Estimates that forced the RBA to admit the government was printing money in ever-increasing amounts.

The RBA declared that being accountable to parliament was beneath them, but Senator Roberts insisted on asking the RBA questions.

Of course, the mainstream media just reported that Roberts’ questions were quirky, and boldly stated the RBA governor would never do such a thing as ‘print money’. 

We are now in the inflationary spiral we are in because of rampant RBA money printing, as first exposed by Senator Roberts.  

But that’s not the only top brass having the grilling of their lives this week. 

General Angus Campbell, chief of the defence force, had warned a small group of serving and retired ADF members that their medals could be removed over apparent "command accountability" failures when alleged war crimes occurred.

The Australian Defence Force chief was grilled in parliament by Senator Roberts over moves to revoke the military honours from some soldiers who served in Afghanistan, with the senator suggesting General Campbell should "surrender" his own medal.

Turns out General Angus was a commanding officer of the same troops he is threatening to remove the medals from, but has decided, on his own investigation, that he was a goodie and the baddie troops were the ones who should have their medals stripped.

Through the hard work of Senator Roberts, we think General Campbell and the RBA Governor are about to learn that Australians have little tolerance for lofty tall poppies who are driven in tax-payer limousines and fed off silver plates, while the rest of us are left to endure their banal and frankly arrogant decisions.


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