Even New Zealand is Dropping its Hated Mandates and Vax-Passes

Well, I guess that makes it official.

Australia is now the single most tyrannical and restrictive government in the Southern Hemisphere, after its main rival, New Zealand, abandoned the field with a stunning policy reversal from PM Jacinda Ardern.

In a speech earlier today, Ardern announced the removal of many of the country’s most draconian restrictions, including vaccine passes and most mandates.

All unvaccinated workers in the public sector, apart from those in health, aged care and border control, were told by the PM they can return to work from 4 April.

This includes teachers, childcare workers, police officers, ambos, defence force staff, and public servants... which should make for some pretty awkward moments around the office water cooler next month I expect.

With the end of NZ’s vaccine pass system, many private sector businesses like hairdressers and restaurants, will also be free to invite unvaccinated workers back to work.

While Ardern said the private sector was free to continue using the vaccine pass system, it would take a pretty brave NZ business owner to actually do so — if they want to stay in business that is.

The PM also announced the lifting of restrictions on outdoor venues and an increased limit of 200 for indoor venues, starting this Friday.

The universally hated QR codes are also being scrapped, and businesses no longer have to badger their customers to sign-in every time they enter their premises.

All over New Zealand, the ‘Covid lobby’ has begun exhibiting early signs of 'relevance deprivation syndrome'.

Many have taken to the airwaves to squawk about the imminent doom about to befall New Zealand.

One public health 'expert' from the University of Wellington told the media that the government should "wait and see, just in case".

Unfortunately for him, however, the trusty old ‘precautionary principle’, which always worked a treat in the past, is now almost completely discredited in the eyes of the NZ public.

Two years of non-stop tyranny will do that to people.

Still, we shouldn’t underestimate the extraordinary power these 'chicken littles' have over the world’s political classes.

As one cynic warned on twitter:

"Don’t remove the app from your phone just yet NZ"

However, Ardern’s stunning reversal is unquestionably brilliant news for the people of New Zealand.

Let’s just hope Australia's leaders are all paying attention…

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