Fact Check is Fake News

If the ABC issues a ‘fact check’ on One Nation we know they’re gasping, hyperventilating, and convulsing in their communal dungeons. We rack up ABC hyperventilation as a win, despite the stolen oxygen.

The ABC’s (Australians Broadcasting Communism in long form) most recent ‘fact check’ of our campaign against an Aboriginal Rent Tax on non-indigenous Australians was released a few hours ago.

Their ABC has produced a nasty piece of fake news by selectively choosing quotes from our published material about the Rent Tax, with the ultimate goal of being misleading. For example, we have never said the Australian Greens support the proposal, just Senator Lidia Thorpe.

The ABC peddles fake news at every opportunity. It’s time someone checked the fact-checkers. It’s called accountability.

One Nation states the Aboriginal Land Tax is racist, divisive, and inflationary in nature. It will send families broke. Those are pure facts that the ABC arrogantly dismiss.

Please pass our petition on to as many people as you know. Email, social media and SMS are excellent ways for you to get your family and friends on board. The success of this campaign depends on how viral we can make our petition.

The Aboriginal Rent Tax proposal states it is ‘voluntary’, we maintain it’s ‘voluntary’ for now. One Nation says socialists don't like things being ‘voluntary’ or free-choice, because if people had choices they might not choose socialism.

The Lidia-Thorpe-endorsed Aboriginal Rent Tax is the exact type of financial slug Mr Albanese would love to run by a new constitutionally enshrined ‘Voice’ to parliament. We must stop him.

One Nation will always fight any proposal for taxing hard-working Aussies. We don’t apologise, and we don’t back down, no matter how much hate speech and fake news the ABC pumps out.
We firmly declare the ABC collectively and, in this instance, FAKE NEWS.

From this day forward One Nation makes this solemn declaration to you that every time any feeble folk at the ABC attempt to trash our good name, we will take the fight straight to them.

We will ask our supporters for the resources to dismantle the ABC’s fake news peddling nonsense. Help us with a donation today, and watch them faint.








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