How the West's Green Energy Delusions Fuel Disaster

It has long been warned that when western nations shut down or limit their oil, gas and coal industries it simply allows other nations to take advantage and reap the profits.

Michael Shellenberger's interview with the Outsiders panel on Sky News yesterday did a great job exposing how this warning is now a reality with Russia exploiting the green policies of Europe by exporting natural gas giving them control over large amounts of Europe's energy market and in turn generating the wealth and political control that is now fueling tragedy in Ukraine.

We see a similar scenario playing out in our own backyard with China using coal-fired power stations to fuel their manufacturing industry giving them a big advantage over nations like Australia which are foolishly closing down our own sources of reliable baseload power in favour of unreliable solar and wind.

Make no mistake, the wealth and influence that China has generated by exploiting the short-sighted green energy delusions of the west will come back to haunt us.

For decades now Australia has abandoned reason in favour of a climate alarmist fuel energy policy.

This has weakened our economy, wiped out jobs, put money into the pockets of authoritarian governments, and had no detectable influence on the world's temperature or climate.

It is time to realise that having access to reliable, affordable energy isn't just important for our economy, it's a matter of national security.

Any political party that refuses to acknowledge the damage being done by our current green energy delusions isn't just hurting your hip pocket, they are putting our nation's security at risk.


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