Happy 26th Birthday Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Today marks 26 years since Senator Pauline Hanson first launched her party, One Nation.  

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since 11 April 1997.  

If ‘that water’ under the bridge can be best described, it would be this. The elites were never happy a proud Australian woman, a single mum, from humble beginnings out of Ipswich Queensland way, could create a political movement that has seen dozens of their MPs elected over the years. 

The elites will tell you a different story, but they are becoming more irrelevant daily.  

The elites are still not happy that a woman would have MPs elected from across Australia from various backgrounds, but none a member of the political class. The elites want their own elected.  

The elites were always frightened of Pauline Hanson, always were, and always will be.  

The elites are worried about holding onto power and control of our lives. They are worried about what would happen if every day Australians were exposed to the truth about political corruption.  

After 26 years we still have so many people that approach our party and tell us how fed up they are with the current system, and they’re switching their support to us. Thank you.  

Australians don’t want what the major parties offer, and they reject any ‘green’ revolution. After 26 years Australians want to feel comfortable and relaxed, not harassed and burdened by the government and its evolving ‘rules’.  

Australians hope for a future of freedom, prosperity and fairness for each one of us.  

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