How is immigration affecting our Australia

In The Australian Senate this week Senator Pauline Hanson made an important speech about the real impact of immigration on our communities. Read the speech and watch her deliver these words in the Senate.

SENATOR HANSON: Australia is in serious trouble. We have an unprecedented housing and rental crisis. We don't have enough homes for everyone in Australia. Rental vacancy rates are lower than one percent in our major cities. In my home state of Queensland, homelessness has increased 22 percent in only five years. Increasing numbers of Australian families are living in tents, sheds, caravans, and on the street. And we have a Labor government which refuses to do something to fix this crisis and which is actually making it so much worse. 

Today's edition of The Australian newspaper reports that we are experiencing the biggest two-year population surge in our history. The Albanese Labor government is allowing 650,000 new immigrants into Australia this financial year and the next. That is more than the entire populations of Canberra and Darwin combined. Australia cannot accommodate all of these new people. Australia cannot contain these record numbers. Australia is bursting at the seams. Australia is full, and so are our hospitals and schools. 

We already have a shortfall of almost 700,000 homes for the people who are already here. Labor's pathetic housing future fund, if it even gets up, will make absolutely no difference. 30,000 new homes in five years, what a sad joke Labor is deliberately making the housing crisis even worse. Labor's record high immigration is literally forcing Australian families to live on the streets. And winter is coming. 

The narrow the NAP zero we must be prioritizing in Australia is net zero immigration, not net-zero carbon dioxide. We must stop this flood, or we will all drown.




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