Is Australia's Constitution Under Threat? How the 'Machinery' Bill Could Change the Country Forever

In a devastating blow to Australians who value the integrity of our constitution, the Liberal, Labor and Greens party teamed up to pass the ‘machinery’ bill that is required to run a referendum on the Voice.

We were not surprised that the Labor party would stack the decks for their outrageous Voice proposals but we were absolutely gutted to see the Liberals roll over to allow Labor exactly what they wanted.

Passing this bill takes aim to destroy our constitution, and it wasn’t the only act of political bastardry in parliament house yesterday.

A group of Aboriginal Australians, who travelled to Canberra to make urgent representations opposing the Voice, were ignored by the major parties whilst the machinery bill was being voted on. 

Do you think any of the big party leaders showed these courageous Australians any attention? No.

This group of great Australians paid for their own flights; they were that keen to have their voices heard.

No leaders other than a handful of gutsy pollies, including Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts, showed any interest in listening to the proud Aussies give their perspective.

Do you think this delegation of brave Aussies got any media attention? No.

The media were more interested in covering the arrangements that have made the Liberals a sub-branch of the Labor party. Courtesy of the Liberals, the government has been provided with a fat, woke-left-wing slush fund of taxpayers’ money for a ‘civic’ education program as part of the referendum process.

We are sure ‘re-education’ camps are firmly on the menu for anyone who dares question the extremist left’s demands that Aboriginals swallow their shocking paternalism and neo-colonial posturing.

Apart from formalising their status as a sub-branch of the Labor Party, the Liberals also spent the day voting against amendments our Senators put forward to the referendum bill. The amendments would have saved Aussies $100mill by holding the vote on the same day as the federal election and inserting citizen-initiated referendums into the bill.

How cheeky of One Nation, trying to save tax-payers $100mil AND giving everyone a voice by turning the politician’s referendum process on its head and handing it over to the people.


Here is the official record of how the votes fell on our amendment in the Senate


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