Jobs Go Begging

Good jobs are going begging in regional Queensland and with thousands of taxpayer dollars on offer to help relocate for employment, now’s the time for parents to push their adult kids off the couch and into work.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said a shortage of workers in regional areas was threatening post-pandemic economic recovery.

“The feedback I’m getting from many regional businesses is disbelief and frustration,” Senator Hanson said.

“They’ve got a lot of good jobs to fill, paying good wages. Some of these businesses are offering free accommodation and food, and pay rates above the award, to get people to fill these positions. They’re desperate after two years of lockdowns and restrictions.

“In the meantime we have the Federal Government offering up to $6000 to eligible Australians to relocate for work. It’s even offering up to $2000 for international students and other visa holders.

“It’s unbelievable we’re subsidising foreign workers’ relocation expenses to take up these jobs when we have hundreds of thousands of unemployed citizens collecting welfare. It’s an indication of just how desperate the shortage of workers in these industries has become.

“Why can’t these jobs be filled by Australians? Today about 40% of people aged 20-24, and almost 20% of people aged 25-29, still live with their parents when they could be working and living independently.

“The jobs are there and the assistance to move is there – it’s time to get these adult children off the couch and shoo them out the door into the real world. Good for the parents, good for the kids, good for the taxpayers and good for the economy.”


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