Labor, Greens and Doormat Dave rush through untested IR changes

Last week, with the help of “Doormat” Dave Pocock, Labor was able to rush through extreme changes to Australia’s industrial relations system.

The bill was packed with late amendments and sweeteners for Pocock and the Greens, which have been given even less scrutiny than the already rushed bill itself.

There is a very real threat that these changes will increase inflation, send small businesses broke and destroy jobs but to what extent we don’t know because Labor, the Greens and “Doormat” Dave rushed it through.

And the effect on wages? No one can give you any guarantees because the proper investigations into the rushed changes have not been done!

We simply do not know how much damage this bill might inflict on jobs, businesses and workers.

More likely it will help line the pockets of union bosses and increase the donations these bosses funnel to the Labor party.

This was shockingly irresponsible, poor government. Labor, the Greens and Pocock should all be hanging their head in shame.

So while there are many questions we cannot answer about this legislation, there is one question you can answer for me.

Should I start selling this Doormat on the One Nation shop? If he’s happy to let Labor walk all over him then why shouldn’t everyone else have the chance?

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