Labor Smear Against Mandate Protests Backfires

Showing just how out of touch they are, Labor and Senator Tim Ayres continue to try and demonise anti-mandate protestors. The most recent attempt has been to falsely claim anti-mandate protestors at the

Convoy to Canberra earlier this year are all anti-vaxxers and vandalised Parliament House.

Instead, Parliament House has confirmed that the largely peaceful Convoy to Canberra protestors didn’t commit ANY acts of vandalism at Parliament House. I was on the Parliament House lawns and they were also spotless the morning after. I can’t say as much for some of the leftie protests I’ve seen over the years.

Senator Ayres I suggest you and your Labor party actually talk to the many decent Australians—some of them even triple vaccinated—who completely oppose vaccine mandates, instead of trying to smear them.


Dept of Parliamentary Services


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