Labor's Olympics Prioritisation: A Disgraceful Indictment of an Out-of-Touch Government


It has come to light that the Queensland Government is channelling significant funds towards the upcoming Olympics, with any "extra" funds allocated for projects like social housing. This decision has sparked widespread criticism, painting a stark picture of an arrogant and out-of-touch Labor government.

Blown-Out Costs and Wasted Resources

Already, the costs for the Olympics are spiralling out of control. For instance, the Gabba stadium upgrade was initially projected to cost 1 billion dollars, now ballooning to almost three times that amount. This staggering blow-out raises severe concerns about the government's financial management and accountability.

Drawing parallels to past events, it's hard to ignore the similarities with what happened in Victoria during the Commonwealth Games. History is repeating itself, and taxpayers are left to bear the brunt of irresponsible spending.

Lost Opportunities

With 3 billion dollars, a significant positive impact could be made on pressing societal issues. Imagine the number of homes that could be built for the homeless, providing shelter and hope to those in need. Moreover, vital sectors such as education and healthcare could receive a much-needed boost, with improved school facilities and additional hospital beds. The opportunity to upgrade regional infrastructure, fostering economic growth and connectivity, is also within reach.

Labor's Stadium Splurge

Despite the myriad of urgent needs across the state, Labor has chosen to prioritise billions on stadium projects in Brisbane. This decision has left many citizens disheartened and disillusioned with the government's misplaced priorities. The blatant disregard for essential services and social initiatives is indeed enough to make one sick.


The recent exposure of Labor's Olympics-focused funding approach reveals a disgraceful indictment of their leadership. With costs already blown out and more potential wasteful spending on the horizon, it is evident that critical societal needs are taking a backseat to lavish projects. As concerned citizens, it is essential to hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions and demand transparency and responsible financial decisions that prioritize the well-being of all Queenslanders. The time has come for a government that genuinely listens and addresses our communities' pressing issues. Let us stand united and call for a more empathetic, responsible, and people-focused approach to governance.

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