'Live Births' Crash Worldwide

We are seeing some pretty catastrophic drop-offs in the number of ‘live births’ worldwide in 2022.

Some of the biggest drops in the first quarter included:

23% in Taiwan;
20% in Mongolia;
14% in Germany;
13% in Estonia; and
11% in Hungary and Finland.

Similar rates are being reported in countries like Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, Portugal and Norway.

In the UK, live births fell 6 percent in January; 9 percent in February; 13.2 percent in March; 13 percent in April and 14 percent in May. Canada and Australia keep a tight lid on up-to-date statistics on anything so it’s hard to get the ‘live birth’ data for either of them. In Canada however, British Columbia recently posted figures showing ‘live births’ there fell 4 percent in February, 7 percent in March, 10 percent in April , 10 percent in May and a whopping 15 percent in June.

The numbers show that this is no blip with declines increasing, month over month. What is going on? Are women simply choosing to avoid pregnancy or is there something else happening?

At least one contributing factor may be the delayed effect of ‘lockdowns’ last year, although it wouldn’t account for the extraordinary size of the falls. Also, Sweden’s population were never put under lockdown and yet ‘live births’ are plummeting there as well. The fact is, falls like we’re seeing should NOT be happening.

Birth Graphs are generally very steady. You could take graphs over 10 years and you would see numbers all parallel each other pretty closely, aside from a natural variation rate of between 1 and 2 percent, possibly 3. Drops of 15 percent are simply unheard of. Something horrifying is going on.

If the next quarter of 2022 mirrors the first, the world could be entering ‘Children of Men’ territory.

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