Malcolm Roberts responds to false headlines

An article published on Cairns News has incorrectly claimed that "One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts, has no apparent interest in Far Northern Queensland cane industry" because my "office was contacted by Cairns News inquiring if he could assist in publicising the plight of growers... no reply was received".

A search of our office's email inbox does not reveal any contact from Cairns News in relation to this matter. There has also been no call received by my office about this issue from Cairns News.

My office has since contacted Cairns News via email and commented on their story with no return contact. Mossman Mill has also confirmed to my office that they have not tried to contact our office and did not ask for assistance.

My office also spoke with Claudio Santucci who is Chair of Tableland Cane growers (the article is incorrect as to his organisation). Claudio also confirms he has not made any contact with my office.
Contrary to the report, One Nation and I stand strongly with the Far Northern Queensland sugar cane industry. We were instrumental in pushing for the Sugar Code of Conduct to protect growers from multinational milling companies.

In 2018 we warned that the four-year period for the Sugar Code was insufficient and that it should be legislated. With the code due for review this year, the Albanese government hasn't given any indication whether they will continue to protect growers by keeping it permanently like One Nation has fought for.

Cane growers know One Nation has always cared deeply about protecting them from multinational predators and we will continue to fight for them any way we can.
As all of these facts negate every aspect of the story I would ask Cairns News to withdraw the story and publish a correction as a matter of urgency.

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