Man the Barricades

Did you know One Nation South Australian MP Sarah Game engaged in a talented and intelligent campaign against the SA state ‘Voice’ to parliament? One Nation has been scoring some great results in our battle against the Voice.


It took hard work for Sarah Game to win over the SA Liberals. The Libs were forced to vote No because Sarah Game showed them up. Now Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts need our support at a federal level.

Sadly, the federal Liberal and National Parties let the Government pass legislation that designated only the ‘Yes’ Voice committee tax deductibility. The Liberals didn’t even fight for the ‘No’ committee’s tax deductibility status.

We were as surprised as you are with this development, considering many of those MPs say they oppose The Voice.

It is good fortune that One Nation, as a registered political party, offers tax deductibility on donations (seek your accountant's advice). And we’re the only political party actually campaigning against the Voice.

One Nation’s South Australian result is a small step, but we need your support federally. Momentum is behind One Nation’s cause, and we can continue with more resources and people power.

With a lot more work we will doom this referendum to the trash heap if we are able to get other political parties to capitulate and join us in defeating the Voice.

We have designed a clever grassroots campaign that needs your support. Our primary goal is to build a coalition of Australians that believe our best days are ahead of us, and this referendum will divide us.

Did you know that corporate elites have kick-started the ‘Yes’ campaign with $5,000,000 (see The Australian 23/2/2023)?

The race-based and discriminatory Voice to parliament can only be defeated if we band together to fight this outrageous proposal, despite the millions they have to spend fighting us.



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