McGowan should get a Royal Commission, Not Royal Honours

Today we got news that Federal Labor decided to bestow an AC on Mark McGowan for his efforts during COVID. This is a deeply offensive act for many Western Australians who were victims of this man's ego, and his exploitation of fear for cynical political purposes.
At One Nation WA we will not forget what happened during COVID, we will not forget the people who were not allowed to see dying loved ones, or go to their funerals. We will not forget the people who were forced to get vaccines they did not want or need, and have had terrible health outcomes.
To gloss over all of the outrages committed by WA Labor and McGowan during COVID is not only enraging, it is dangerous. We need to look into what really happened during the government-imposed emergency conditions. Did we really need masks in restaurants when getting up to go pay the bill? Did we really need to close playgrounds and interrupt the development of a generation of children? How many died from COVID rather than with COVID, what were the age groups and co-morbidities involved? What can explain the number of all cause excess deaths?
We should not be giving McGowan any royal honours; we should be holding a Royal Commission.
Please consider joining Pauline Hanson's One Nation WA to demand we really investigate what happened during the COVID years.

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