New Bill Seeks to Give Victoria Control Over Food Production

Victoria’s farmers and other property owners are targeted under provisions of a dangerous new Bill that was debated in the State Legislature this week.

Called the Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, the Bill has bipartisan support from both Labor and Liberal, despite the incredibly dangerous precedent it sets for state control over farmers’ property rights.

It is all being done under the guise of ‘Biosecurity’.

The ground has been prepared for months now by the mainstream media, who has run countless ‘scare’ stories around biosecurity threats – the dangers of which are all very real, but which the media never gave a damn about before.

But what everyone in the media and government knows is that anything that pretends to address ‘biosecurity’ will be a sure-fire vote-winner in the regions.

This Bill exploits this but it is a ‘Trojan Horse’, for another agenda altogether. One that is far less beneficial for farmers and one, I suspect, they may not be fully aware of.

When you boil everything down, the State’s new Agriculture Bill basically gives the Government complete and unfettered control over all forms of food production in Victoria.

It grants its agents enormous powers and allows them to show up and enter any farm in the State, without notice or warrant.

Agents do not even have to provide identification to property owners if requested to do so. The Bill specifically removes that right.

The government can take samples from your property, remove plants or livestock – even kill them.

Other provisions include beekeepers now being forced to ‘register’, while the State’s bees are to be implanted with tiny microchips so they can be tracked.

Market meat vendors must become ‘accredited’, something that involves huge upfront and ongoing costs as well total loss of autonomy and control.

The Bill threatens the country’s food security, particularly when viewed in the context of global food shortages, which we are told are just around the corner.

Anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating the danger here should take a look at yesterday’s news out of Northern Ireland. Sheep farmers have been told that a million sheep must be culled in order to meet the government’s internationally-set emissions target.

There is also a massive concern around property rights overall, with the dangerous precedent set by the Bill, because there is nothing in the wording that restricts the new laws to farms.

This means the government can also enter private homes, seize owners’ pets – even kill them – and destroy any vegetable gardens or domestic chickens it finds.

Exactly as is happening right now in China.


Source: Stephen Andrew MP for Mirani on Facebook

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