New Firearm Laws attack dignity of law abiding citizens

The new Firearm legislation in WA is an attack on the dignity of law abiding registered firearm owners. One Nation WA fought against the worst of the legislation, which has introduced concepts such as that the state can consider your views and opinions to discriminate against you.

We understand that these laws are ideologically motivated and do not actually follow the recommendations of the Law Reform Commission, these are laws that aim to take licences away from people. We know that the Minister for Police staged ridiculous PR stunts rather than his actual job, he had Police draft this legislation, which is like having a Vegan plan your BBQ.

The WA Labor party refused to have these laws reviewed by the Legislation Committee in the Legislative Council, despite a petition calling on the government to do so being signed by over 30,000 Western Australians.

These laws are unnecessary, unworkable and unacceptable and the Minister for Police should be sacked.

Watch One Nation WA MP Ben Dawkins speak out in Parliament: