No Evidence of Climate Emergency

We see and hear a lot of hysteria from Labor and the Greens about a so-called "climate emergency."

Yet when you dig down into the records this is shown to be a lot of hot air.

As this article from the Australian explains, "An international study of major weather and extreme events has found no evidence of a 'climate emergency” in the record to date."

"The study by Italian scientists provides a long-term analysis of heat, drought, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and ecosystem productivity and finds no clear positive trend of extreme events."

As the report accurately states, “fearing a climate emergency without this being supported by data, means altering the framework of priorities with negative effects that could prove deleterious to our ability to face the challenges of the future, squandering natural and human resources in an economically difficult context.”

Despite this, I'm sure the climate alarmists will find some reason or another to dismiss this report as they do with all evidence that goes against their narrative.
So much for trusting the science.

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