Nuclear and Renewables not the only choices

One Nation WA State Leader Rod Caddies has called for WA to just keep using coal to provide reliable affordable electricity to Western Australian families, noting that there are more options beyond intermittent renewables and nuclear.


“We are being given a false choice by the two major parties, it is not a case of needing to choose between renewables and nuclear power, as that choice is based on the assumption that we actually need to reduce emissions to the degree that is being suggested, and that we have to do it immediately” said Mr Caddies.


Mr Caddies explained that Western Australian coal fired power plants run on local coal make such a negligible contribution to global emissions that phasing out WA’s source of reliable electricity generation would make no difference to anything, apart from increase the cost of living for Western Australians whilst simultaneously lowering their standard of living.


“Affordable, reliable baseload energy is critical for a modern thriving society and economy, and proposals for renewables and nuclear look like they are going to be incredibly expensive, which means less money for health and education” said Mr Caddies.


“We need to be open minded as to what our options really are, don’t just listen to sales people from the wind, solar and battery lobby, or the nuclear lobby, those are not the only choices, although those industries would like us to believe that they are”.


Mr Caddies noted that Collie coal had reliably and affordably powered Western Australia for over 70 years, and had the potential to do so for a long time to come, as well as the lack of viable baseload power options for the state.


“The fact is that baseload power is non-negotiable for an electricity system, and another fact is that there is no renewable/emissions free baseload source that is economically viable when compared to coal here in Western Australia.”


Mr Caddies said “We don’t need to panic, we can wait for the right technology, which could be geothermal, tidal or other technologies, before we make such a huge investment”


“The obvious solution to Western Australia’s energy needs is to just keep using coal, and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation WA is not afraid to say that”.


“One Nation WA understands that we don’t have to choose between nuclear and renewables, just like we don’t have to decide between Liberal and Labor, there are viable alternative choices”