On the Campaign Trail in the Hunter

I spent yesterday travelling through the Hunter region of NSW with Dale McNamara for Hunter - Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

We met with coal mine workers, and dairy farmers and then spent the evening speaking with locals at the pub discussing policies and their hopes and concerns about the future.

Over the last 6 years in the Senate I’ve been passionate about supporting Australia’s mining and farming sectors because, as the Hunter proves, these industries are the lifeblood of so many rural and regional communities.

I am worried that the net-zero climate path the Liberal and Labor parties are forcing this nation down, driven by their pandering to the inner cities and green votes, will have a devastating effect on both mining and farming jobs.

If these Liberal and Labor net-zero targets are allowed to continue then, as always, it is rural and regional communities that will suffer.

One Nation strongly opposes this net-zero climate cut madness.

Instead, we are committed to supporting rural and regional jobs and communities because when these communities thrive, Australia thrives.

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