One Nation Stamp Duty Policy in SA Budget

Our South Australian MP, Sarah Game, has been busy advocating for better housing outcomes for people in her state. So far, she has achieved some great success.


The SA State Budget made some welcomed changes to stamp duty and first home buyers. While we commend the government, we are still advocating for the total abolishment of stamp duty. We want to see the government go further; it’s inefficient and outdated.

In addition to stamp duty reform, my time in parliament has been dedicated to addressing other pressing issues in the realm of housing. The great Australian dream of home ownership must be realistic for working South Australians. Homeownership promotes personal freedom, family stability, cohesive communities, and economic independence. Governments must ensure an adequate supply of low-cost, affordable housing to address the housing and homelessness crisis. 

  • Housing must be prioritised for South Australian citizens and residents who are most vulnerable.
  • Foreigners should not be allowed to own residential property.
  • Low-cost affordable housing, including modular housing options, should be more widely available to overcome the housing crisis.

Actions I’ve Taken so Far:

  • Motion: Stamp Duty on the 28th of September 2022: Asking for the Stamp Duty Act 1993 to be reviewed. 
  • Motion: Stamp Duty on the 17th of May, 2023. To inquire into and report on the impacts of residential, agricultural and commercial stamp duty. 
  • Met with various housing bodies and stakeholders to discuss the land release and other supply and affordability issues.
  • Wrote to the Human Services Minister urging for the prioritisation of South Australians for public housing.
  • Visited and met with staff from Carrington Cottages, Hutt St Centre, Believe Housing Australia, Salvation Army, Uniting Communities (Ruby’s Reunification), AnglicareSA and others.



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