One Nation to target left-leaning Liberals in key seats



One Nation preferences will target left-leaning Liberals in some key seats in a bid to protect Australian values and ensure strong conservative representation in the new Parliament.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said her plan to target Bass in Tasmania, held by left-leaning Liberal Bridget Archer, had been her first shot across the bow.

“The Liberals need a wake-up call and I’m more than happy to provide it,” Senator Hanson said. “They are no longer the conservative party Australians knew. We need to clean out a small number of left-leaning Liberals who masquerade as conservatives. Instead of talking to me about preferences, the media should be asking Scott Morrison why he is prepared to hand Jacqui Lambie the balance of power, someone who hates the Liberals and votes consistently against them.”

Senator Hanson said that in addition to Bass, One Nation would also target Tim Wilson in Goldstein, Trent Zimmerman in North Sydney, Helen Haines in Indi, and James Stevens in Sturt.

“Scott Morrison has surrendered independent Australian climate policy to these left-leaning Liberals, who are obviously in the wrong party,” she said. “He needs to be reminded that conservative Australians feel betrayed by his lurch to the left with net-zero emissions by 2050, and the left-leaning Liberals who pushed him there need to be removed.”

Senator Hanson said One Nation would work with the Nationals in some seats to negate the loss of seats held by left-leaning Liberals.

“I think we are all in broad agreement that a Labor-Green government would be a disaster for Australia,” she said. “Unfortunately, left-leaning Liberals aren’t giving conservative Australian voters much reason to hope their party will act differently to Labor on issues such as immigration, the housing crisis, religious freedom, critical race theory, gender reassignment, trans women competing in women’s sports and climate change.

“The Nationals and their supporters won’t be happy about the Liberals’ lurch to the left on these issues either, which is why I’m prepared to work with them in some seats to offset the loss of Coalition seats held by left-leaning Liberals. Conservative voters who support Australian values will not be silenced and must have representatives who will stand with them on these issues.”

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