One Nation WA calls for cultural heritage certainty

Pauline Hanson's One Nation WA is calling for certainty for Western Australians in relation to Aboriginal Cultural Heritage following reports of important public infrastructure being delayed.

In the latest story of important work being thwarted, The West has reported a important bridge in Midland is being delayed due to the presence of a rock shelter, with delays now at the two year mark.

One Nation WA believes that the state must have a better approach to aboriginal cultural heritage, as the current ad-hoc nature of claims will cause growing division and resentment in our society.

It is worth noting that heritage tends to relate to things that happened in the past, so in theory it should be possible to draw a line in the sand and definitively map out exactly where every site is in the state, as well as the significance of it.

The problem with not defining exactly what needs to be protected and why, creates a huge risk for our community of being held to ransom by the past each time we want to invest in our future.

As such One Nation WA calls for a whole of state aboriginal cultural heritage survey to be conducted, so everyone knows where they stand. 

This is something we need to do for all Western Australians. We need to map out exactly what is worth protecting, how we will protect it, and do so as a whole society.

This is in everyone's interest, it will take time and money to complete, but it will be something that we only have to do once, and then we can all move forward together as one.

Not every site will be worth protecting by banning development, and we need to work through the complexities and come to a consensus.